Hey all, last week I stumbled upon a web site called grannyearth.com. The site is awesome and from it I purchased a cook book for weeds and herbs (same thing really) which grow commonly around our homes. There is info on how these weeds are beneficial to use as well. Every single recipe I tried this far is awesome. Check out the site, and the book which is inexpensive.  – Mary P.

I just read a fabulous “awakening” account called-  The Journey In, written by www.grannyearth.com At age 67 granny had a complete awakening and to read the innocence and simplicity of her story was uplifting.  She is also a naturopath & herbalist.  Lots of practical info on her website.  You can download the book on her site.  I am right now using her herbal product called Respitone to clear this cough that’s been making me nuts since I moved to the country.  This remedy is incredible, I can’t say enough about it!                                                                                                   – LIGHTWEAVER

Dear Granny- I just finished reading the latest Connections newsletter.  I may very well make your day!  Due to your articles/knowledge, I stopped taking Fosamax and resisted my doctor’s suggestion to take Evista.  I also informed my sister of the drug’s dangerous side effects and she stopped taking it.  My husband stopped taking Lipitor after I read to him the side effects in your article (many of which he experienced).  So, yes you are making a difference in the lives of many!  I tell everyone who will listen. Thank you for being one who CAN and DOES make a difference!  Hugs  -Jean

Dear Granny- Your website is powerful, informative, a fantastic resource, completely enchanting.  WOW and WOW!  I love it, loved every bit of it!  I read everything and I so look forward to ordering your books in the very near future. Regards- Colleen

Hiyah Sister- I love the new book! It’s wonderful!  I know it will help many awaken & become empowered to heal themselves. Peace be with you. -  Deric

Hello Dearest Friend- I love you and thank you for coming into my life and being one of my greatest teachers and friends.  – Lisa

Dear Granny-  I want to thank you for your inspiring Co-dependency article. I read it over and over, to the point of knowing now what I must do. Become friends with myself. – Sonya

Dear Granny- I want you to know that you have been one of my most influential teachers in the past year… “Weed Medicine” is stained and dog-eared and used almost daily. I now begin to understand the miracles of the plants. I’m now making maybe about a dozen different tinctures/syrups and am able to help friends and other family members get clean and stay healthy. I might never have known how to do make these remedies, without your book and newsletter. Many thanks to you- Light-worker.  Highest Blessings from our house to yours.  – Sarah

Dear Granny- I am Sarah, friend of Jude’s and resident of NYS. I am now an herb medicine maker, who is much indebted to you. Your books, newsletters and emails have taught me so much. I wish that I could attend your weed walks and talks. I want you to know that I continue to learn from you and credit your teachings to the growing body of people  who are learning to respect and use the herbal allies that I (you) have shown them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, wisewoman! Many blessings to you!  – Sarah

Dear Granny-  I took a moment today to browse through your web site that keeps growing more with each day.  How wonderful to see such creation……… spreading the words of so much wisdom and truths.  GOD, I love it!  Thank you for sharing your journey with me through your web site and books!  It truly gave me a sense of peace, my intentions for today. Blessings!                                               – Tracey Anne M. – Valencia, PA

Thank you so much for everything! You have given me so much inspiration and guidance when it comes to choosing the correct path for my son and I when it comes to health. I realize now that here in the US, we have no choice but to start studying herbs and such, as I believe that the gov’t really does want to actually poison us and make us a weaker society. Thank you again. – Rachel