The Journey In - Triad of Transformation

Granny Earth - The Journey InGranny’s latest book- The Journey IN – Triad of Transformation is now available.

In this book, Granny shows you how to heal yourself with no drugs, no supplements, no $$$. You will be guided through simple steps to show you how to access the Divine Wisdom that lives within each of the 100 trillion cells of your body. It is this Wisdom that will do the healing- once you learn how to still your mind, breath your awareness into the ‘Stuckness’ and ALLOW It to heal your body.

There’s never been a book quite like this before. Simple and to the point, Granny explains exactly how it ‘came’ to her- how she did it. And she teaches and encourages you to do the same!

For a PRINTED AND SIGNED copy CLICK HERE or send a Money Order for $31.00 ($26.00 plus $5.00 S. & H.) to:

Granny Earth
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