Dry Non Productive Cough


“I have been experiencing a dry, non-productive cough for the past eight months. I think the cough might be allergy related, as I do have “chemical sensitivities/allergies. In my herbal research I haven’t been able to find any allergy description that matches mine. Do you have any suggestions as to something that might help?”

Eight months is a long time to have that cough. Non-productive means a dry cough caused by irritation or inflammation and does not remove the sputum from the respiratory tract. You mention that you have chemical sensitivities and allergies. In my opinion, allergies are signal from your body that your immune system is over-taxed. By trying to release the toxins out through your skin and/or your respiratory system, your body is actually trying to help you. Look at it as a sign that your body is working to help you by releasing toxins. Perhaps you need to know exactly what your “Respiratory System” is. It is a complex of organs and structures that perform the pulmonary ventilation of the body, and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the ambient (surrounding) air and the blood circulating through the lungs. It is divided into the upper respiratory and the lower respiratory tract (or system). The organs of the respiratory and related systems are as: Sinuses, Nasal cavity, Nostrils,Tongue, Larynx, Thyroid gland, Trachea, Esophagus, 9.Lungs

When we think of allergies, we have been brain-washed into thinking that our wonderful and complex Body/Mind/Spirit system is allergic to something, and we need to take ‘medication’ to relieve the ‘symptoms’. When actually what is happening, is that our Body/ Mind/Spirit is working to release toxins via our elimination organs: Liver, Kidneys, Lungs (respiratory system) or Skin. Why don’t we work to assist the system in eliminating the toxins, instead of suppressing the ‘symptoms’? The answer is simple: We have been (I hate to keep using this word, but I believe that it’s true) brain-washed into thinking that what is best for us is to relieve the ‘symptoms’.

My suggestion for you would be to get to the root of your problem: a build up of toxins in your lungs. Since your lungs are ‘speaking to you’, why don’t you start there? In my November 21st article, I listed some very effective herbs for healing the entire respiratory tract (If you missed that article, email me, and I’ll be happy to forward a copy to you): Pleurisy root (promotes the coughing up of phlegm and reducing inflammation), Wild Cherry bark (loosens, and dissolves mucous), Horehound (causes secretion of mucous), Mullein (sooths, lubricates and aids in expectoration of mucous), Borage (a demulcent that sooths and softens irritated membranes), Lobelia (is anti-spasmodic, while stimulating the respiratory center within the brain stem to promote strong and deep breathing. It relaxes smooth muscles which are involved in the breathing process), Licorice (is anti-inflammatory, soothing and expectorant), and Echinacea (counteracts all bacterial and viral infections by boosting the action of the immune system).

Several years ago, I was inspired to formulate what has come to be known as “Respitone Lung Elixir”. It contains all of the above herbs in a base of pure, 100% vegetable glycerin and Spearmint oil. Its healing power has been remarkable.

With the cold and flu season upon us, why not help your body to heal itself with natural herbs, instead of suppressing those symptoms with pharma ‘medications’? Working with Nature is so much more rewarding than working against Her.