The Kidneys

Reprinted from the September 2004 issue of Connections Newsletter


The kidneys are ‘the great purifiers’ of the body. Their chief blood supply is from arteries that branch from the large main artery, which descends from the heart. The adrenal glands lie against the upper poles of the kidneys, perched on them like caps.

The kidneys are the automatic regulators, which keep water in the blood and body tissues. Their chief function is to rid the blood of excessive metabolic water, an end product of carbohydrate metabolism. This filtration (through the tiny globules) is dependent upon blood with high oxygen content. When arterial blood contains toxins, the kidneys need extra oxygen to force elimination. This extra oxygen is supplied by the adrenal glands’ adrenoxidase. The adrenals are a powerful defense mechanism, which react against sudden changes in blood volume. Their secretions stimulate the kidneys to increased function, facilitating toxic elimination through its million globules (filters).

When there is impairment in the liver (due to toxins, parasites, etc), and it cannot properly filter the blood, the kidneys are forced into a function they were never intended to perform- an over-load of toxins to be filtered. This, of course leads to a steady destruction of the globules, and less pressure for filtering the blood. The pressure must be raised if the kidneys are to filter the poisons from the body. This is where the adrenal kick in with emergency measures. They signal the heart to pump faster and harder to accomplish this filtering, i.e., high blood pressure.

Elevation of blood pressure is an emergency measure to help our bodies get rid of dangerous toxins from the blood stream via the kidneys. Therefore, the CAUSE of high blood pressure is the RESULT of kidney impairment. And the kidney impairment is caused by having to perform a function other than water regulation. It is when the liver is compromised, that the kidneys must take over filtering toxins. But, in performing this function the globules are gradually destroyed. Now we have a situation where both the liver and the kidneys degenerate. (Dr. Henry G. Bieler- keep reading….)

Although I learned in Anatomy 101 that the kidneys/adrenals directly controlled the blood pressure, I had to search long and hard for a detailed explanation. My research via the National Kidney Foundation said that high blood pressure, when not treated will cause kidney disease and failure. This was not what I had learned in school, and so my search continued.

In the 1930’s Dr. Harry Goldblatt (see below) proved three things with his research:

(1). That blood pressure becomes elevated when there is an interference with the rate of blood flow through the kidneys;

(2). This elevation of pressure was possible only when the adrenal glands were able to perform emergency duty;

(3). Once high blood pressure was produced, none of the commonly used medications for lowering it were effective.

In performing this most valuable, simple and irrefutable experimental work, Dr. Goldblatt merited high reward, yet his monumental work seems to have been overlooked and very few practicing doctors have even heard of it. Or if they have heard of it, they seem to dismiss it as the underlying cause of high blood pressure. (In 1934, Harry Goldblatt and colleagues published an article titled- The Production of Persistent Elevation of Systolic Blood Pressure by Means of Renal Ischemia in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

The central proposition of the article was- Renal Ischemia causes persistent hypertension.


ISCHEMIA- impaired functioning of the flow of blood through the vascular system of the kidneys.

Dr. Henry G. Bieler’s book, Food is Your Best Medicine, gave me the explanation that I was looking for (above), which then led to Dr. Goldblatt’s information. Finally, I was getting the truth about the real reason for hypertension- the one that made sense to me. You might be able to find a copy of Food is Your Best Medicine on the internet- try going to . It was published in 1965 by Vintage Books.

No mater if you have high blood pressure or not (weakened adrenals cannot increase blood pressure), it would be wise to cleanse and heal both the liver and kidneys with Mother Nature’s weeds/herbs. She has provided us with so many specifically geared to these vital organs.

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