Candida Albicans #2

Candida is a Diamorphic Organism.  This means that it can exist in two shapes and forms at the same time.   One form is a yeast-like state that is a non invasive sugar fermenting organism.  The other is in the form of a fungus that produces very long root like structures called rhizoids that can penetrate the intestinal mucosa and is invasive.

Fungi (candida) are heterotrophic organisms (they depend upon ready made food) and therefore they need pre-formed compounds to obtain carbon and nitrogen.   The simple carbohydrates of these elements (e.g. monosaccharide glucose, fructose, and mannose) are sugars that are the most utilised.   Candida fungus can extend its tentacles through the intestinal mucosa and feed directly off the tissue of its host body.  Yours!  No wonder those suffering profound health problems associated with Cadida fungus (including some Chronic Fatigue conditions), feel so bad, both physically and psychologically. For those with impaired immune function- Candida is a serious threat to health.

Low immune function due to Stress, Bad Diet, Digestive imbalances, Gut damage, and Digestive syndromes are main contenders as to why candida colonies gain a foothold and spread.  Additional considerations regarding personal environment and lifestyle have also to be taken into account.

Candida can also be linked to adverse food reactions (milk, sugars, eggs wheat etc.) which are very often reflections of organic dysfunction through the colonisation of candida, and just avoiding certain foods is not the solution because the underlying cause is not being addressed.

The majority of people (including many practitioners) have no idea of the diverse underlying health issues that can cause food reactions. Instead, they repeat the current often hypnotic mantra of the list of foods to avoid, which, of itself does nothing in real terms- except a reduction of symptoms, (which are not to be confused with causes.) and often claim this as a recovery.  In fact, in many cases (because of this mantra mentality), people are not aware that although the symptoms have subsided, the underlying causes are still advancing and that things may be getting worse.

Also, the removal of symptoms with medication (antibiotics in particular), amounts to the same sort of mentality. Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini (oncologist) states quite clearly that- Cancer is a Fungus (candida) and that he himself uses alternative methods to treat it, and claims a success rate in the region of 90%. We have observed Dr Simoncini’s work, which targets candida colonisation in cancer sufferers, and have witnessed the dramatic (if not incredible) fall in cancer blood markers in those undergoing his therapy.  Coincidence?   – Probably not.

(The Shen Clinic-

“A good physician does not concern himself with treating the smoke of his patients illness, but seeks to hunt out and extinguish the not so obvious underlying fire of this condition, which is the cause.  It is fire that is important, not the smoke.”

-  Paracelsus  (1493-1541)

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