Recently a dear friend gave me a very precious book; Food is Your Best Medicine, by Henry G. Bieler, M.D. If I could afford it, I would see to it that everyone got a copy to read! The good Dr. Bieler believed in the healing power of food and was a truth seeker when it came to healing. He had 3 basic conclusions as to the cause and cure of disease:

1. The primary cause of disease is not germs. Rather it is ‘toxemia’, which results in cellular impairment and breakdown- paving the way for multiplication and onslaught of germs.

2. The use of drugs in treating patients is harmful and causes serious side effects, often creating new diseases.

3. Disease can be cured through the proper use of correct foods.

Here’s some pertinent information about ‘medicinal foods’ as written by Bruce Berkowskym, Ph.D. for Health Freedom News magazine in June of 1993. (The National Health Federation- ) The name of Dr. Berkowski’s article was: Cabbage as Food and Medicine – food should be our primary medicines.

Dr. Berkowski begins his article thusly: “Medicinal foods provide therapeutic benefit as passive sources of nutritive raw materials which the body’s Innate Intelligence acts upon in its efforts toward cleansing and restoration of normal function. On the other hand, synthetic drugs act upon the body to overrule the organism’s instinctive self-healing wisdom and elicit vital responses via toxic or suppressive effects upon living tissue.”

First cultivated over 4,000 years ago, cabbage has a long, well-documented history as a powerful medicine. In 1982, A National Academy of Sciences study cited regular cabbage intake as a protecting factor against gastric, colon and rectal cancer. It contains (among other healing properties) histidine and sulpher, which are known to inhibit the growth of tumors and enhance the body’s production of compounds, which discourage cancerous changes.

Cabbage, in the form of raw juice and raw sauerkraut is a powerful antacid. This is most likely due to the content of glutamine, which has healed peptic and duodenal ulcers. It also contains Vitamin U, the anti –pepsin factor, which protects the stomach lining from corrosive effects of excessive pepsin activity caused by improper dietary habits and stress. Cabbage is excellent for treating chronic constipation while also exerting anti-infectious actions.

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