Granny Earth, ND

Granny Earth, ND (Naturopath Doctor)

I’m in my mid 70’s now and still following my life-long passion, which is natural healing and teaching others about Nature’s wisdom. I’ve always loved Mother Nature and have an awesome respect for her, so much so, that I changed my name to Granny Earth in 2002. You can read the details in my book- ‘Do It Yourself Weed Medicine’- Page 1 – 6.

Over many years of studying, growing and harvesting weeds, I was guided to develop several natural healing products (Click on products link, above), because I believe that Mother Nature is the one ‘true healer’ and we each need do what we can to get back to her healing wisdom. In making your own ‘weed medicine’ (Do It Yourself Weed Medicine- page 77- 168) you’ll be identifying 37 weeds that grow around you- You’ll be outdoors- getting back to Nature. Maybe you’ll start growing you own ‘weeds’- Turning your yard into a beautiful ‘weed garden’!

What’s next on Granny’s agenda?

Learning how to stay peaceful in this ever-changing world and sharing my life experiences with other Earth Travelers.

Granny Earth’s formal education-

Westmoreland Community College- I went back to school in 1996, at age 56 and got my Associates degree.

California University- I went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and graduated in 2000, at age 60.

Clayton College of Natural Health- Loving school so much, I went on to get my Master’s and Ph.D. in Natural Health and graduated in 2005, at age 65.

If there’s one message I want to convey to everyone, it’s that we’re never too old to learn. I do believe that continuous learning, keeps us young!

Words simply cannot express how very much I loved my old truck!