Granny Earth, Naturopath

I’m 75 years ‘young’, and following my life-long passion, which is natural healing and teaching others about ‘weed medicine’. I’ve always loved Mother Nature and have an awesome respect for her wisdom and intelligence. So much so, that I changed my name (legally) to Granny Earth in 2002. (Read details leading up to this decision in the book, ‘Do It Yourself Weed Medicine’ – Chapter 1)

Over many years of studying about, growing and harvesting weeds, I was ‘guided’ to develop my own line of natural healing products. Many of these were used for my self, family and friends. A few examples are: Blissful (for depression), Respitone (for lung and respiratory problems) and Golden Gincture (healing salve). In all of these formulas, I was divinely guided as to my choice of weeds and formula used. I firmly believe that Nature is the only true healer.

I believe that we each must do what we can to get back to Nature. In making your own weed medicine, you’re going to be going out looking and identifying certain weeds that grow around you- you’ll be outdoors, in the sunshine and fresh air- getting back to Nature. Maybe you’ll start growing you own weeds- turning your backyard into a ‘weed garden’!


What’s next on Granny’s horizon? Learning how to stay peaceful and serene in this ever-changing world and sharing her experiences with other Earth-travelers. Witty, dedicated and young at heart, when asked her age, Granny responds, “I’m 75, but only on the outside!”


California University- (California, PA)-

At the age of 54, I went back to college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1999- age 59.

Clayton College of Natural Health- Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Natural Health, 2003 (age 63) – 2005 (age 65).

“If there’s a message that I want to convey to everyone, it’s that we’re never too old to learn- constant learning actually keeps us young.”

As the years have gone by (since writing ‘Weed Medicine’)- I’ve become more and more interested in ‘ENERGY’ – as most of us have. You and me, animals, weeds, trees, water and even those clouds- yes, every thing is energy!

There are many ‘energy healers’ out there now days.  I am a teacher.  I teach.  You learn.  You heal yourself!  It’s that simple. During the time of my 3 year ‘hiatus’, I was ‘called’ to do some very interesting healing on myself and a few others. What ‘came to me’ concerning this healing, I have put into a little book, which I call- Light Over Dark or L.O.D. The book will posted within the next few weeks. In the mean time, I will be teaching this modality locally, here in S.W. Pennsylvania. Interested in scheduling a class? Email me at-

Please stop back to check out L.O.D., or send me an email to learn more.  We learn by sharing.

Words simply cannot express how very much I loved my TRUCK!

Next came the Granny Earth Plymouth Van: The Antenna- A bumble bee actually came to investigate as we glued the flowers on!